Things Not to Include in a Resume

Things Not to Include in a Resume

Nowadays applying for a job has its share of setbacks, rejections, frustrations and sometimes long periods of unemployment. After a number of continuous rejections people get desperate and might get into shaking things a bit in the resume to stand out from the large number of application received by HR. Before you get too creative, there are some points to follow. I have tried to narrow down some important things not to have in your resume.

  1. An Objective – Resume objectives hurt more than they help. Your resume should be about your experience, skills and accomplishments. If you want to talk about how a particular position is the perfect step in your career do it in the cover letter.
  2. Photo – Unless you are applying for a job as a model or actor there is no place of a photo in your resume. Since your appearance has nothing to do with your ability to do a job
  3. What you hated about your last Job/Boss/Company – If you turn your resume in a ranting session for your past company/workers etc you are starting off on a wrong foot. Even during an interview you should not share this and rather take it as an opportunity to promote yourself as a positive and a person who is able to work with all kind of people.
  4. Irrelevant Job Experience – Any job experience which is not related to your current position doesn’t do any good to your chances but irritates the interviewer. Candidates must only stick with the jobs and internships that are most relevant
  5. Don’t focus on your responsibilities, focus on your achievements – The only things that should be on your resume are your achievements. Anyone can do their job, but a small percentage of people can do their job well.
  6. Religion – Mentioning your religion in the resume is too controversial and irrelevant to the job. So unless you are applying for a job at a religious institution, exclude this info.
  7. Every job you’ve had since you were 16 – Once you have been working for a few years. It’s safe to exclude the jobs you had in your college. Employers look for relevant and recent work experience that will have prepared you for the position you are applying.
  8. Lies about Education/Job Experience – If you have mentioned a degree or work experience but haven’t done that you will be rejected even after clearing all the rounds of interview. So it’s safe to be truthful about everything mentioned in your resume
  9. Bad Grammar – Bad grammar doesn’t belong on a resume. It shows that you are lazy, uneducated and don’t care enough about the details. Even If you think you have great grammar skills, it is better to get it checked by someone else as a precaution.
  10. Information about family members – Whether or not you’re married or have children doesn’t belong you your resume. Some HR’s automatically assume that a parent of small children will be unavailable to work odd hours. You should be the one to make that call, not them.
  11. Negative thoughts, words – Even if you don’t believe in your strengths, your resume is not in the place to show weakness. If you know you are not a good leader, consider writing that you work well in groups or that you take directions well. Adding a positive spin on yourself will help the HR to see you as a positive person.
  12. Messy Resume Format – In these days and age of advanced formatting systems and computer programs, there is no excuse for a resume with messy format, unequal spaces and other formatting errors. It you are not good at working on computers, ask someone for help.
  13. Mention of References or including the statement “references are available on request” – You don’t need to mention that you will provide references when asked, because it goes without saying. You are not causing any harm by mentioning this statement but it takes up space you could use for writing something else.

A well thought out approach based on sound resume writing rules will surely generate interviews. If you can avoid some of these points, you will soon be on your way to producing results. If you are still unable to design a strategic resume I will suggest you should hire a resume writer. A professional resume writer is an objective third party with the expertise to write an outstanding strategic resume.



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