Traditional Hiring

Hiring a.k.a. Recruitment is not merely filling a position with a candidate who fulfills set criteria. It is also about finding the one, who is not only qualified but should be the best of the lot.

LEINEX does it for you! We start with meeting the hiring manager to understand the requirement. After committing the numbers we refer to our network and database to source the best possible candidates. Once the interest check and all the necessary information is gathered, we propose the candidate to the organization for interview.

Our initial process is to evaluate the candidate and how the candidate will fit into the organization.

You can benefit from our team of professional recruiters by hiring our services; under traditional hiring we offer:

Permanent Hiring

In this ‘time is money’ scenario, it’s a challenge to find a perfect candidate from a huge database of talented professionals. The recruitment process can not only be demanding but also consumes large resources and valuable time.

LEINEX simplifies it for you and let you rivet the core functional areas of your organization.  When our team undertakes an assignment, it becomes our duty to verify background, and know our candidate like the back of our hand.

Our experienced team lists down only most suitable candidates for our client. Not just their professional and technical skills, also their soft skills are scanned and accessed diligently.

Temporary Hiring

Temporary hiring; be it, contractual, interim or freelance, is one the most challenging tasks for recruiter. How many people would willingly sail in a dicey ship?  Every candidate seeks for confirmed job and convincing for temporary assignment can be a tough job.

LEINEX acknowledged this vogue and equipped itself to handle such requirements. We keep a separate database of the applicants who are apt and willing for short-term assignments. We timely update our records with their latest assignments and remuneration. We also propose an option to take care of their administrative and payroll tasks.

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